Adult Groups

Mindfulness Meditation Groups

Mindfulness Meditation is an effective strategy for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or chronic pain. With this approach, we teach parents, professionals and other adults how to deal with stressful conditions through focus on the present moment, acceptance of current conditions, non-judging and non-attachment.

Parenting Groups

Parenting groups are a highly effective way to resolve many types of family difficulties, provide participants with support in managing child difficulties, and decrease the sense of isolation parents sometimes experience when their children present challenges. We provide parenting groups to help families build warm, cooperative relationships with their children and deal with issues related to child problem behaviour/non-compliance, academic skill development, and child anxiety/depression. Groups are also available for parents of children with Autistic spectrum disorders.

Children Groups

Anger Management, Anxiety, and Social Skills Groups

Anxiety, anger and social skill deficits can all contribute to children doing poorly in school and being rejected by peers. Without well-developed skills in these areas, children may feel frustrated, confused and lonely and may encounter long term problems. We provide children and adolescents with anger management, anxiety and social skills groups. We teach children how to be assertive without becoming aggressive and to use appropriate social skills.