Psychoeducational and behavioural Assessments

It is difficult for parents to watch their children experience obstacles to their learning and relationships. They may notice that their child or adolescent avoids doing homework, has difficulty paying attention in class, reads below grade level, expresses dislike for school, demonstrates low self-esteem or shows a range of behavioural concerns. Parents can help by discovering possible causes for their child’s difficulties through a psycho-educational and/or behavioural assessment.

We provide full and thorough psycho-educational assessments. Through gathering of developmental and educational histories, comprehensive testing of cognitive skills, academic achievement, and social/emotional abilities, a learning profile is developed. This information, in addition to specific recommendations for school and home to address learning exceptionalities and to maximize the child’s strengths, are included in a comprehensive report.

Psychoeducational assessments can also be helpful in diagnosing a variety of childhood problems including Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.